3D Cart Source Editor - Continued- Brave Browser Problem - Original Closed Already

I had posted this about 2 months ago but was forced to use Chrome so I was doing so.

Thank you to those who replied. Apparently that thread is already closed. So i’m back. I do apologize for not getting back in 29 days to check replies, but gotta lot stuff to do. I had to just use Chrome. And, I still am.

I did not try the new installs suggested but the other suggestions (Allow All Recognition Attempts) didn’t work and (Turning off Hardware Acceleration) didn’t work. I am getting really frustrated with Brave I must say. Not the people who want to help. I just need to use tools that work. Not tools I need to make work.

I will continue to use Chrome for things that Brave cannot do. BUt, I cannot spend so much time trying to make Brave work. Someone else will have to do that.

Thanks again to those who suggested ideas. Below was my original post. It remains the same.

I’m not sure what changed about 3 days ago, but all of a sudden, I can no longer edit the Source Editor in 3D cart. I have to use Chrome. I’ve been editing with the Brave Browser for months with no problem, then all of a sudden, the Save and CANCEL buttons are missing. I’m not sure what kind of script this is that may be blocked but I have turned off all shield and allowed scripts for this site entirely because they are trusted.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter. I have attached a screen shot of each. As you can see, the Chrome Browser has the OK, Cancel and Apply and Wrap Text. The Brave Browser had this up until a few days ago but no longer. All shields are down and scripts are allowed.

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