Brave is completely unusable right now

Idk if dates matter but 27 sep 2022 :smiley:

recently changed my banner on my yt channel and while i was doing it my browser just started to die. it takes like the area around my cursor an duplicates them and make them tiles across my screen and its a glitchy tile but you just see youtube icons pixelated everywhere with it glitching and like its not real time with the cursor and like my pfp becomes greenish and its only with brave. its like a glitch screen with tiles, i cannot see anything its just covered in that. and that when i go to settings the only visible thing is the categories but when i hover over them they disappear? and some more random stuff like them appearing when i hover over spots or whatever, i cannot handle firefox pleaaassee what do i do :C

Do you have Hardware Acceleration turned on or off? Have you tried switching the setting yet?

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Hi @c0ldurr welcome to Community :slight_smile:

As @cynical13 stated, you might want to check if Hardware Acceleration is enabled or disabled and observe if you still get that glitch.

Do you only see this issue on Youtube?

nah its with everything, i did try to turn off hardware acceleration and restart and on then restart. it didnt show up on the graphic settings and had to use regedit for it. If there is one for brave then show me a link since I canโ€™t find it anywhere on youtube plus brave is literally unusabel :C

Helloo are you there please

Is this the setting youโ€™re looking for?

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