3D Cart Source Editor - Brave Browser Problem

I’m not sure what changed about 3 days ago, but all of a sudden, I can no longer edit the Source Editor in 3D cart. I have to use Chrome. I’ve been editing with the Brave Browser for months with no problem, then all of a sudden, the Save and CANCEL buttons are missing. I’m not sure what kind of script this is that may be blocked but I have turned off all shield and allowed scripts for this site entirely because they are trusted.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter. I have attached a screen shot of each. As you can see, the Chrome Browser has the OK, Cancel and Apply and Wrap Text. The Brave Browser had this up until a few days ago but no longer. All shields are down and scripts are allowed.

Thanks for reaching out – definitely strange that the issue seems to have only started now. While I’m not entirely familiar with the 3D Source software, it appears that you need an [paid] account to use it so unfortunately I can’t test on my end.

A couple things you should try:

  • Try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Settings and see if this makes any difference – I’m not convinced that an HWA would present like this but I continue to be surprised by the quantity and variety of issues that are solved by disabling (or enabling) this feature. Make sure you relaunch the browser when prompted.
    Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
  • Try changing the Device Recognition setting in your global Shields settings to Allow all. Note that this is just to test, not a proposed solution. But if Shields are already down for the site then perhaps something in Shields defaults is somehow still active. This certainly sounds more like a Device Recognition issue as well – test to confirm.
  • If the above doesn’t work, I would recommend trying to download and install a different Brave build to test against. Note that all Brave builds will run in parallel with one another and not interfere with other Brave builds installed on your system (or their data), so there’s virtually no risk to doing this.
    1. Download, install and launch either Brave Beta, Developer, or Nightly (or all three if you’d like) builds.
    2. Navigate/login to 3dCart and launch the source editor.
    3. Note any differences or if the problem is resolved. Let me know what you find out (and what builds you tried)

If none of the above works let me know – quite literally as I’m typing this, I’m now seeing that there is a trial version of the software which I am willing to opt into so that I can test the site on my end. Still best to rule out probable causes first.

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