Any one else having Palo Alto issues with the last couple of release


Using 1.37.109. I use palo alto alot and one of the gui interface is a box of labels

Its not working any more, the box used to be tall enough to put words in there. not its 1 px high . something wrong with the rendering . strangely chrome is okay and so is firefox.

Not sure how to do screen show or link to them here, i liked the idea of brave but … this is probably going to kill me use for it .

@KeyzerSuze Is this still an issue with Brave after the last update? It was a Chromium upgrade and I was just wondering if that fixed the issue for you. I tried searching the community posts here and on reddit and just couldn’t find anything relating to this issue. It must not be impacting very many users…

P.S. The Usual Suspects is one of my all time favs! Have watched it several times and never gets old. :smiley:

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