2FA community/rewards

hello, we all have 2 separate login for Brave one for community one for rewards, I have 2FA on both, but brave rewards didn’t give me recovery code, so if I lost my phone I’m unable to login again. what should we do about that? those recovery codes I have for Community will work for rewards too?

@Mattches can you help me?

There is no connecting between Rewards – I assume you mean you Creator account here – and Community. They each have separate 2FA credentials.

Assuming you are referring to your Creator account when you say Rewards, you can request new 2FA credentials in the event you lose your phone or your access to the Authenticator in some other way:

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It is for that reason that I have my 2FA app on two different phones

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Usually you get backup codes, but if you don’t, your way is much better than what Brave says.

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