Any 2FA Backup codes?

Hi. Do you guys have backup codes for 2FA?

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@josh8919 Do a favor and make sure you pay attention to categories when you post. You posted this question in the spot that says you’d like to have your account deleted.

That said, I’ll have to ask you to explain a bit on what you mean about backup codes for 2FA? Perhaps others might easily recognize what you’re referencing, but it’s lost on me at this moment.

I just mean when I set up 2FA say on Authenticator App, do you guys have backup codes in case 2FA is missing or unavailable?

You mean for Uphold?
I guess that needs to be handled with Uphold directly.

Or for Brave creators?
If brave creators then

Just Brave Community

Ahh I see. Doesn’t seem to be an option there to recover brave Community account.
When you go to preferences in brave Community there is a field for backup codes while setting up 2FA so if that’s what you mean, yea. But if 2fa is used with an authenticator app then doesn’t seem to be an option for recovery.
@mattches any way that this could be done?

On Community, if you click on your profile icon, then go to Preferences --> Security --> Manage 2FA , there is a section to add 2FA backup codes (blank profile below as example):

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Thank you. Much appreciated

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When I go to Preferences->Security->Manage 2FA, it shows that I already have 10 backup codes available…

I’m assuming they were generated at the time I enabled 2FA on my account. I can’t verify that, since I don’t have ready access to the offline storage I save my backup codes on. But I’m sure that’s the case.

It won’t let me view them, but I can regenerate them or remove them.

I’m surprised that the screenshot @Mattches provided, shows an authenticator configured, without any backup codes. :flushed:

That’s living dangerously! :wink:

Yes once viewed/saved they cannot be viewed again from that screen as far as I know.