Set up 2-Factor Authentication

Having trouble setting up 2-Factor Authentication, i’ve followed the instructions on

but i cant find the what its asking once i click settings.

This is used for the Creators account. It is not related to Brave Browser Ad Rewards.

If you have a Creators account, log in the publishers website and you will find it in the “Security” section when you click on your avatar icon.

Im trying to set up a creators account, but i’m waiting for my phone to receive a code

Check if you have received it in your email. If you have a spam filter, have a look at your spam folder.

i did receive the email, it has a link to brave rewards, once clicked it requires two way authentication, hence the issue that im not receiving any codes to my phone.

just realised i didn’t have the recommended authentication app, i need to download Twilio authy app

Yes, but to do that you should have the 2FA app already installed in your phone and configured with the Brave token. If you have not done it immediately upon account creation, you are now in a dead-lock.

I suggest that you open a support ticket, explaining all steps you are doing. They may be able to help.

i never used an 2FA app to create my brave rewards

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