2020/02/21: WIN10: Brave Prompting Me to Add a Profile - Used for Months Without This. Why?

WIN10: Brave Prompting Me to Add a Profile - when opened after a restart
…used for months without seeing this.
…with option to also create a desktop shortcut with chooser having several icon designs.

Perhaps due to updated terms of service? Prompt appeared 2/21/20 as well.

Saw earlier in January 2020 but don’t recall how I got around it. Perhaps only a restart.


Can you share a screenshot of the message?

It’s as if I logged into Win 10 under a different profile. All settings gone, browsing hx, saved sites, etc. Nothing to show other than behaving as if it was just installed.
Probably a good reminder to purge and change any saved passwords anyway. :slight_smile:

I got the same thing today. Started up my Windows laptop and started Brave (my default browser for months now) and it was like a brand new installation. I was required to create a user and everything has been lost – no previous tabs, no history, no bookmarks, no extensions. Months of work gone. Someone please tell me how to retrieve everything I had.

I figured out a recovery. I went into the appdata file (c:/Users/[yourname]/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/User Data) and found the Default directory of my original data. I renamed the new profile, Profile 1, to Profile 1_bak, and the Default directory to Default_bak. I created a new folder, Profile 1, and copied all the data from Default_bak into the new Profile 1 folder. All my original data and extensions came back when I restarted Brave under my newly created user name.

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