Solution - "Profile 1" created every launch


I've been straggling with the "Profile 1" problem for a long time now that it's not bothering me anymore, but I've seen lately that cmd is launched when ever I launch Brave.

Now here I thought that it’s a virus causing “Profile 1” getting recreated for some nefarious reason.<br >

I tried to find a solution on Google but I couldn’t.<br >

So I gave it try with my little coding knowledge that I have and surprisingly came up with a solution that don’t even need coding.<br >

my solution was as follow;

  1. locating the user data folder which is on the following path:
    C:\users\*your-windows-user-name*\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

  2. now you need to find which folder is for the "profile 1" profile and which folder is for your main profile, and I did that like that:

    • restarted Brave so the "Profile 1" profile gets created

    • Now check every folder with the name "Default" or "Profile X" with "X" being any number ( or any name that looks suspicious ), and check the Brave icon file ( the file is with the ext .ico )

    • Now you compare that icon with the "Profile 1" icon, and by that you know which folder is for which profile in Brave

  3. Close Brave without deleting the "Profile 1" profile

  4. Now the easy and scary part, copy everything on your main profile folder and paste it on the "Profile 1" folder.

  5. After that open Brave.

Now you should still see the "Profile 1" as well as your main profile, if you switch to "Profile 1" You Should see same data as your main profile ( data being extension, history, tabs, ect... ).

If you do see what am saying you can use “Profile 1” instead of your main one.

You can change the name ( but I didn’t change it, idk what will happen if you do )

And finally you can delete your main profile ( I did delete my main profile because I don’t see a problem, but there is still a small % that something can go wrong; keep in mind that I just found this fix, literally less than an hour so am not sure that everything is absolutely fine )

Now when I did close Brave after all that to test if “Profile 1” will get back, Brave didn’t respond when I tried to open it, but I used the right click approach to open it and it did work xD ( right click approach being: right click on the desktop extension and choosing open )

And yeah everything works fine :slight_smile:

and if your are curious why the cmd start when I launched Brave is that I think for creating the folder of “Profile 1” because I was removing them for the sake of fixing the bug

If you have any questions leave them down below.

Sorry for my bad English :frowning:

One day done and I don't see a problem.
btw your BAT won't get reset.
I was getting used to the bug, now it feels weird when I start the browser and the logo still the same lol

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