New user > Using OK > Then Brave stopped opening

Shut down PC but when rebooted Brave had reverted to new install
Pretty disastrous as all links and shortcuts had been erased from the desktop
Had to go from square one with all data
Very strange
Any history from others would be gratefully received
Additional Info: > Brave opens from the tray icon and adds another icon in the tray with a cross on it, not seen this before > Brave opens with Google as search engine, cannot remember the reason/rule on this > A right click on each icon shows different lists of visited sites > Does this need a removal and reinstall?

Hi @rebasti, welcome to Community!
Do you know if you’re using multiple profiles? Do you have a circular icon in the top right? If so click on that icon and you can navigate between profiles.

Hi Aa-ran many thanks for your message. As a new user I am not fully familiar yet with the desktop but yes there is a circular icon top right. When I clicked on it I got my original desktop back > Yippee - Err sorry! - So I just need to sort out how to remove the other profiles which I assume should be simple enough - Thanks again

Glad to hear you found your original profile.
There is a manage profiles option when you click on the profiles icon, from there you can delete profiles you don’t want (be sure to remove the right one!).
Also, if you go to brave://settings/manageProfile you can edit your profile’s name/icon.

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