Profile keeps creating itself automatically?

Alright guys, first let me describe the issue for you;

When I open brave I have this profile situation, eh

It’s creating a new Profile I never requested then my icon appears on my client to let me know which account I’m using.

Working in IT obviously I tried multiple steps before coming here to seek for help, google suggested a few possible fix so I tried them.

I understand (I think) the bug is originating from my shortcut in my taskbar. I tried to load “Default” and “Main” and rename my profile and load that new profile etc… Every time it wouldn’t load that profile and instead create a new one and load the new one.

I’m a little bit confused and I need a few pointers to show me where to look at to troubleshoot this bug. Literally every time I restart Brave it create that useless profile so I would like to make it stop.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide,

The issue has been reported on Github, unfortunately there is no progress in committing a fix. Users have provided workarounds in the Github ticket, you might give them a try if you like.

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