Lost all settings during update?!

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Description of the issue:
I rebooted my Win10 machine today (first time in quite awhile). Brave came up and asked me to set up a profile. I went ahead and did that thinking that an automatic update just wanted me to do this. BUT - now all the extensions i had are missing and all my bookmarks are missing!!! this is a business machine and not having those things is disastrous to me.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. any rebooting and loading of Brave seems to come up in what looks like this ‘new’ profile. Can’t figure out how to delete it and get back to the old one!!!

Expected result:
I want the original profile back with my extensions and bookmarks.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
currently it’s telling me V1.3.115

Additional Information:


Hi @kkuntz, welcome to Community!

In the top right hand corner, do you should see a circle profile icon? If you do, click on that and you should find your original profile.


Turns out the same thing happened when i went into Chrome. I’m very new to Win10 and not used to having my profiles ‘log out’ when I reboot the machine. Even less used to them then asking me to create new ones rather than offering me my old ones . . . . . Sigh.

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