2.000 BAT to Uphold vanished

13/07/2021, 15:52:52 promotion_claimed 2.000000 ----> This has disappeared.

Uphold balance is still 0.00 BAT.

Kindly help me out with this issue. Thank you.



Please have a look at the above post. Thanks


when a wallet is verified, transactions are no longer registered by the browser

did you verified that those bat were in your Uphold wallet? what about your Uphold transactions?


No transactions in Uphold. I contacted them via Live Chat and they suggested to ask in this community.

All I have is my monthly statement showing that I claimed the promo BAT

Hey @vin3286 !

Can you DM me your wallet ID? This can be found in brave://rewards-internals

Thank you,


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Pressing the ‘Message’ button on the right side of your user profile will send you a DM right?

Yes, that is correct.


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Did you receive it…?

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ı lost 4bat like that and ı send topic but none answering me :frowning:

How long has it been since you lost?

Uphold issue or…?

4-5 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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I have the same issue: payments went fine to my Uphold wallet until May. Payments of June haven’t been credited to Uphold and of course i contacted them using their live chat. They advised me to check with Brave support. I’m missing only a small amount of BAT 1.250 to be exact. I claimed it and it shows in my Brave rewards wallet but not in my Uphold account. i checked brave - internals and the difference between Uphold and Brave rewards wallet is clearly shown.

What do i have to do in order to get the missing BAT to my Uphold account?

Kind regards


How many devices do you have which has been linked to the Uphold Account?

2 one laptop and one desktop all Windows 10. I admit that i actually only use my laptop. I just checked the Brave wallet on my desktop and that one doesn’t show the june rewards whereas my laptop does. So on my desktop it shows the same amount as in my Uphold account, but on my laptop my Brave rewards wallet shows 1.250 BAT more since i claimed them on my laptop.

Have you ever updated their OS after installing Brave?
And do you use 2 or more instances of Brave in any devices, they Include: Brave Nightly, Brave Beta.

And lastly, did you have any old device with Brave in it?

I updated my laptop to the latest Windows 10 build. My desktop i don’t use it often so it doesn’t have the latest build of Windows 10 yet (it is installing it right now, since i was checking my Brave wallet there.

I never used Brave Nightly nor Brave Bertha and i don’t have an old device with Brave in it. Everything functioned normally until May. That payment went fine, but the one of June is missing in Uphold



Ps and thx for your replies

I had asked that because, Uphold has a limit of 4 devices. So any device after that first 4 devices won’t be able to transfer their BATs into the Uphold Account.

No probs with that. I read about it somewhere. But can it have something to do with my desktop showing the “old” balance and my laptop showing the “new” balance? (all in Brave, not Uphold that is)

That “Old Balance” and “New Balance” is also related to that.

I have one device which is in the “First 4 Device” and it shows only the amount present in the Uphold Account. And in the device which was connected after the first 4 devices, shows the balance of the Uphold Account + The Claimed Balance.

Thought so, but you stated 4 devices. Are the earnings on both devices i have combined? Let’s say i earn 10 BAT on my laptop in one month and 2 on my desktop will they both send this to Uphold, so 12 BAT in total?