2.000 BAT to Uphold vanished

I my case, the device which is In the “First 4 Devices”, is getting sent to Uphold.

And the other one which isn’t first 4, isn’t getting sent.

So that shouldn’t be a problem for me since i only have 2 devices. And it worked properly until May this year.

Send your wallet ID only to @GreenBananaPorridge or any other moderators! Not to this guy @ItzMeRajat


Bruh we can’t do anything with the Wallet IDs our self.

And I have been online in this Community for many days and have seen many guys post it. Nothing can be done with it.

And I was just tryna to help him LMAO, I Don’t Care if he doesn’t wanna get help. I have helped a lot of people, and yeah.

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Ohh yeah, BTW @vin3286, has your problem been solved? I have a completely different problem and none of the mods are responding.

Mostly because its impossible to solve my problem I guess.

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Hey @ItzMeRajat Thanks for trying to help! However, users are never to request users send their wallet into / logs / anything browser related.

I will close this thread for now.

Hope everyone understands!