100% Disk Usage Problem


How it got solved??

After debugging the files and writing permissions for a while, I have seen that “Brave Auto Contribute” and “Brave Rewards” were causing this problem. I have disabled all BAT related activity and auto contribution and now I do not have any problem with HDD usage time. Tho, I can’t use Brave rewards anymore :frowning:

Description of the issue:
Brave Causing 100% Disk Usage

System and Brave Specs
Version : 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS : Windows 10

What Happens?
Brave uses Hard Disk actively and writes data to some directory

How long does it last?
It keeps writing data until Brave is completely closed from Task Manager. It doesn’t matter if I am browsing Youtube or Twitter or any other website. Even closing all websites and just opening new tab page causes same disk usage.

Things I have tried
Disabling extensions, removing extensions, disabling Brave Shields, restarting computer, restarting Brave


Hello everyone. I have been happily using Brave browser for a long time now and other than couple websites, I did not have any problem with Brave. However, it was until today.

Today I was browsing Youtube, then wanted to play some games and my game lagged for more than 45 seconds. Since I have a high end CPU and GPU, I thought it could be about my HDD. As I have opened the Task Manager, I have seen that my disk activity time was 100%. I have tried checking what was causing the issue and I’ve found that Brave browser was actively using the disk, for writing data.

I tried getting more details and I found that “brave.exe” has write activity on directory “C:$LogFile (NTFS Volume Log)”. I first thought it could be a problem related to my hard drive but after checking it for over 6 hours, I made sure it was the Brave.

Now I don’t know how to fix that problem. I’ve tried many things yet no solution.

EDIT : Here is a screenshot of the problem

On the right, I have sorted the applications in descending order according to their writing.
Oku (B/sn) stands for Read (B/s)
Yaz (B/sn) stands for Write (B/s)
Toplam (B/sn) stands for Total (B/s)

Can you tell me which Brave version you’re running (About Brave will tell you this)? OS would be useful too.

Additionally, is disk usage up the entire time you’re using Brave? Or are there particular sites/actions that trigger this behavior?

Hello @nithronium. Thanks for reaching out. Now I know I am not crazy. I am on linux. Been poking around all day with odd things going on. Can confirm that my HHD is not behaving normally. I am running current Beta. Which version are you running?

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Hi, sorry I forgot to mention these. I have updated the main message now.

My version is 0.57.18, Chromium 71.0.3578.80 Official Build, 64 Bit and my OS is Windows 10, latest version, I mean auto update is on and it updates automaticly.

This will not be a standard template. Things I have observed since this morning. In no particular order :

  1. I have a paid ProtonVPN and am familiar with everything on my network monitor (Etherape) except the http

    Which is going straight to kbounds56 local outside my VPN tun0. I am hoping the bc in the address stands for brave core.

  2. I have a HDD monitor on the top bar showing uncommon activity, one manifestation being activity while opening and closing Brave; and when the http address pings kbounds56 local.

3.On my Process monitor there is no activity , when #2 above is happening, in any of the brave processes listed.

4.When using the preview in Bleachbit to check the cache size (did not clean)observed odd behavior. Bleachbit has 2 icons on my my system. Regular and sudo. I normally open sudo first (password); and now it shows that regular is open.
5 Have noticed 100% cpu usage on 1 core something I never seen before.


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  1. Brave will not set as default , it prompts every time it’s opened and have opted everywhere for default= Brave. This includes Settings.
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  1. Other than process monitor and Etherape all I am doing is opening and closing Brave. This is my CPU
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Sorry to say, problems are causing my computer to freeze and become useless. I have to stop using Brave until this is solved.

Hi @nithronium, We filed this issue here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2563

We’re going to need some help reproducing the error. Do you remember what sites you visited/games that triggered this behavior.

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I’ve seen this reported before mentioning Youtube specifically:

Dear Mattches, I know that there are “High CPU” problems on certain devices & releases & while visiting certain websites. This is not related with Brave but Chromium AFAIK. Now, my problem is not 100% CPU usage but 100% HDD “active time”.

Please do not confuse these two problems. Please note that Brave is not using the “write” function at full speed. I can write around 15-20MB/s on my hard drive while downloading or updating a game. Brave uses 1MB/s constant and causes lagging & freezing on my computer.

@nithronium You are correct that this is / was in my case / a hard drive issue. Sadly, as I post this from my Epiphany ( Gnome Web Browser) , everything returned to normal after uninstalling Brave. I uninstalled by terminal with the Remove Recursively commands provided on this forum. Then I still found files .local , . conf opt , and places beyond my skill set. I have to give Brave a rest for the short term . Hope everything works out soon.

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