Frequent writes to disk

Description of the issue:

iotop shows Brave writing to disk every second, sometimes several times a second.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Start Brave
  2. Watch disk io activity

Expected result:
Much less activity. Writes to SSD decrease expected lifetime.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave Browser
Linux 6.2.10-arch1-1

Additional Information:
Data from browser activity over several hours during which most activity was through Firefox. Brave and chrome were mostly idle.

firefox          11205.41     8899
chrome          331256.23    45361
brave          1339170.77   670315

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@Mattches do you have anything to add on this? OP went and created a Reddit post over at on Sunday night if you want to see the little bit of info shared there.

I do see open Github for this or at least something very similar at and know that is a similar topic that was briefly open here on Community last year, which is Brave still starting with enable-crashpad

Asking Linux team about this now, thanks for pinging me.

@Mattches Have you received any information regarding the mentioned problem? During this time, additional messages appeared about excessive disk writes. So it would be great to know exactly what the problem is and how it can be solved.

Can anyone here experiencing this please confirm for me whether or not they have local IPFS enabled?

@Mattches I dare to provide this link as a possible answer (I am not the author):

In my opinion, constant messages along the lines of “your browser is killing my drive” need special attention from the Brave team.

I’m not an expert in this area, much less a developer, so I can’t objectively conduct my own tests. But all this can be done by the Brave developers in order to: 1) find out all the circumstances and objectively state whether there is a problem or whether all these statements are untrue, 2) protect the reputation of the product they are working on.

Being silent and ignoring such messages for a long time does not work in favor of the Brave development team.

Thanks for the feedback.

Team is looking into this presently.

@Mattches @Saoiray I think you will be interested in this information:

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@serhiyguryev Btw, I know I hit :heart: on this as I appreciated the info. But I am going to try to tag you in now to ask, would you be able to give more specifics on what you changed and where?

I hadn’t spent a lot of time looking but just now was trying to look for it and have other people try. But not sure where you’re seeing a toggle for 3d. And I doubt you’re just talking about hardware acceleration. Typing in 3d within the settings doesn’t really reveal anything. So just wanting to kind of confirm really quick what I’m failing to understand or am simply overlooking.

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@Saoiray Author of these tests: reddit user tinkerbaj. I have nothing to do with these tests:

Does this issue persist? My laptop only on Brave starts using fans. So I compared to Edge while streaming some videos. No match RAM usage - No CPU usage but Edge generally uses 0,1 MB/Disc while Brave 0,1 - 0,2MB/Disc. I couldn’t find anything related to it.