100% disk usage

Description of the issue: 100% disk usage - rendering my laptop unusable
How can this issue be reproduced? - Simply by opening a window using Brave browser - even with only one window open its maxing out. I am using Windows 10 and have noticed even on my brand new Windows 11 laptop its almost at 90%.

Expected result: Expect to be able to use Brave browser and other apps on my PC with ease as I used to do - now I just sit yelling at it in frustration! :slight_smile:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.37.113 - same issue noted with previous version - its been happening for over a week now.

Additional Information: Continue running background apps when brave closed and hardware acceleration are already disabled. Extensions are Brave Talk, Kapersky Protection and Last Pass.

I’ve seen this issue come up in the forum quite a bit over the last couple of years but never really had an issue with it myself until now. It also seems (from the task manager) to be only the main Brave browser maxing out, Nightly doesn’t seem to be hogging at all.

Hoping someone can help or that there is a known fix for this as I can’t work on a frozen computer! :cry:

Can you check to see if hardware acceleration is turned off? If not, turn it off and reload brave.

Thanks, but I turned off hardware acceleration over a year ago, and continue running background apps also, so its not those, although I did check to make sure they’re still turned off, and they are.

Can you post a screen shot of your task manager?

@Thrive ,

Hi, @Herrvader. Thanks, I appreciate your time on this. I cleaned up the PC a bit and later realised that microsoft was running an update in the background which probably caused disk usage to max out. Brave still remains the only app using high resources though, and I am confounded by the number of processes being run by Brave. Attaching screenshot.

I have three browsers open:

Brave browser (3 tabs open)
Brave Nightly (4 tabs open) and
Brave Beta (one tab open).

I am also curious why the Brave icons are red for all of them. On my other (windows 11) pc they display in the correct colours, e.g. red for Brave, blue for Beta and purple for Nightly.

Just updated Brave and it froze my PC again!

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