1.5.120 does not open new tabs in desktop mode

Description of the issue: Link opened in new tab will display mobile website and not desktop website

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Google.com
  2. Search for browser headers
  3. Make sure Google is set to open search results in an new tab
  4. Make also sure Brave is set to prefer desktop modus for new tabs
  5. Tap the search result linking to https://pgl.yoyo.org/http/browser-headers.php

Expected result: Search result opens in a new tab in desktop mode

Actual result: Search result opens in a new tab in mobile mode

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.5.120 (from Google Playstore)

Mobile Device details Android 5.02 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Android 9 on Nokia 4.2

I had posted about this here but it was locked due to inactivity. It’s still an issue. I even recorded the behavior.

Edit: Nevermind. After further investigation the issue is actually fixed for me. New tabs open in desktop mode like they’re supposed to without having to close and reopen the app. Awesome! But it looks like OP is having the same issue I recorded in that post.

Thanks @Wiggly

Yes this issue came up with version 1.5.120 on all of my devices. New websites (opened by another website) are opened in mobile mode. The checkbox “desktop mode” in the hamburger menu is active. I have to deactivate and activate it again before the website is going to be shown in desktop mode.

Manually opened websites (like new empty tabs) are in desktop mode though.

Try doing what I did in the recording. Click the recent apps button and then go back into Brave. Alternatively just press the home button and reopen the app (without closing it, just exit to the home screen). It should pop into desktop mode without needing a refresh if the bug is the same bug that used to affect newer Android versions.

Sorry, my fault. I tried what you have suggested and yes, indeed, reloading the Web pages will switch to desktop mode. So I suppose it is the same bug have been experiencing before. Might be some kind of regression.

What is the behaviour on Chrome?

Checked it with Chrome 80.0.3987.162. Worked fine and without the bug that is present in Brave.

I’m having this issue on 1.5.30 now, and I noticed it on 1.5.20. My original bug I had recorded is not happening anymore. Now instead, when a new tab is opened via a link click Brave is Inserting “mobile” or “m.” into URLs so that it always shows in mobile view no matter what unless desktop mode is toggled off and back on. I would rather have the old bug back where all I had to do was exit the app and reenter it to fix the view.

Either Brave is doing that itself or there’s an issue with the user agent.

I’m going to have to actually switch browsers for this one until it’s fixed. It’s incredibly annoying to have to edit “mobile.” out of the URL of every single tab I open via a click or external app.

Version 1.5.130 just updated from the Google Play Store. Bug is still there.

Version 1.5.131 just updated from the Google Play Store. Bug is still there.

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The bug is still present on Brave 1.5.131 on Android 10 as well.

Can you confirm if this is the steps are correct

  • Visit any page in a new tab
  • Set the page to load using desktop page via settings
  • Open a link from that page in a new tab
  • Second tab opened is using mobile view instead of desktop view?

Hi @sriram,

  • I have set all pages to load using desktop view in the general website settings of Brave.
  • I open any page in a new tab
  • I open a link from that page in a new tab
  • Second tab opened is using mobile view instead of desktop view
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Just as I suspected, this is a user agent issue. I have my settings set to display desktop mode by default. When clicking a link that opens in a new tab, the desktop mode option is checked as it should be yet pages display in mobile. I decided to test it to be sure tonight and it turns out I was correct about the user agent.

Refreshing the page corrects the user agent. But the reason it doesn’t return websites to their desktop version is because “m.” or “mobile” has been injected into the URL somewhere when the site read the incorrect user agent. So even though refreshing fixes the agent you have to remove the mobile flags manually from URLs every single time. Here’s a video recording of exactly what I’m talking about.

As you can see when I click the link and open it in a new tab it gives the website the mobile user agent. When I refresh it switches to the desktop one. As I stated earlier, by then it’s too late. The user agent is your problem.

Thanks for the video recording. Logged an issue for it. Should be fixed soon. Please track the issue here

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Still present on the latest update. 1.7.102

Can confirm this. Not fixed yet.

Please track the issue. Fix is not yet implemented

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Bug still not fixed in 1.8.93.