DESKTOP MODE ERROR "enable desktop views for new tab not working"

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Created an account just to add to this thread.

I’m using version 1.35.100 and can confirm that I have Destop Mode set to ‘Prefer Desktop version of sites’; however every link I click on or new tab that I create opens in Mobile mode. I’ve toggled the setting on and off and cleared cache, to no avail.

This is quite frustrating and I hope it gets fixed soon as I’ll reluctantly have to use another browser in the interim.


How do search? I’m having a hell of a time with this website. Don’t make me go back to google

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Yes, it stopped working and it’s incredibly annoying! Please fix this bug, thank you. Don’t want to go back to a different browser :frowning: But thank you for your great product :slight_smile:

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Still not solved yet
? Why dun gives us back the older version…