Youtube wont load in Brave browser. Also cant update Brave. Im on Windows 7

When I downloaded latest update from the browser and ope nthe exe file the download fails. my OS is windows 7. My Current Brave browser I downloaded from github. When I go to youtube, the thumbnails/images dont load and it wont play a video

Anyone there? :cold_face:

Is there any help on this board

I have the same problem in YouTube since updating to v1.18.78. The left side navigation bar will not load correctly. Tried turning shields off, no change. Turned off dark modes, no change. Restart, no change. MacOS Big Sur 11.1.

Please be patient as we handle a very large volume of support requests every day. Can you please try uninstalling the browser and reinstalling using the link on our official website?

Can you please try clearing all cache/data for Youtube and trying again? Simply visit, click the “lock” icon in the address bar, then select Site settings then Clear data. Make sure you refresh the page when prompted.

when i go to youtube there is no “lock” icon in the address bar. There is a red triangle with an exclamation point and it says Not Secure in red

i clicked on the red traingle and went to site settings and cleared the data and reloaded but it still wont work. No image thumnails show up and the video just hangs like its trying to load

Thanks for replying. I just tried that and refreshed and it didn’t fix it. It also happens when I click on my YouTube account icon (my picture). That panel opens up blank and will not display any of my YT account settings. I also went to GitHub and downloaded latest version and same behavior.

sorry missed this one. I will try that

I tried to download from your website, but when i click the exe file it gives me an error and says download failed

Can you try opening YT in a private window and tell me if it loads correctly?
@1776freedom2A, can you please tell me or show me the exact error message you’re receiving?

ok well i uninstalled it so i cant open youtube because i cant get the download to work. The error i get says download failed. heres a screenshot

That worked! All of the previously non-responsive YT panels (left navigation bar, account drop-down and notification “bell” drop-down) now work.

please start your own thread chitim. dont hijack mine

Excuse me? Apparently you do not understand the concept of a community support forum. This is not a customer service site where you submit a private ticket. It is a community site for users to share support issues and collaborate on solutions. No one owns a thread in a community support forum.

Glad to hear that worked. If it’s working in private it’s likely some bad data stuck in the browser. I would recommend trying to clear all your browsing data and see if this helps YT function during normal (it should).

If it doesn’t, my next suggestion is that it could be an extension that you have installed at this time that is causing a conflict with youtube. Let me know what you find out.

Can you please visit our Github again and download the Standalone installer for Windows and try running that and see if installation is successful?

Start your own thread

Ok can you send a link to the github stand alone installer

@Mattches Will do. Thank you for your support.

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