Youtube videos suddenly fail to play after 1 second

I am using the latest version of Brave 1.58.127. Suddenly, and apparently with the last update(?), I am having BIG issues playing Youtube videos. They always start fine but about 1 second in it goes into a LOOONG loading loop. Doesn’t happen on android. I haven’t changed any settings, I have tried flushing the cache, but it still happens. I have a very fast fiber internet connection so that is not an issue. I have a fairly high end PC with plenty of RAM, good vid card with plenty of VRAM so that is not an issue. I haven’t changed any settings with regards to ad blocking, cookies, etc, either. It was working fine and as expected, then recently, this behavior. The only thing that has changed recently is an update a few days ago.

  1. Simply go to Youtube and try and watch videos.
  2. Each starts normally but after a one second or less it goes into endless load loop.

Expected result is a seamless and unbroken youtube video (barring pause for adverts to load).

Hi Padraigen ,
I am also facing the same issue . If you charge your pc while playing then it will work fine if you are not charging then there is this loading loop .

@padraigen it would help if you could try some of the basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Does this happen if you have Shields off?

  • What happens if you open in a private window?

  • Would you add a new profile and test with it, making sure you don’t add any extensions or change settings on the new profile? (Do this by clicking Hamburger Menu imageAdd new profile)

  • Does this also happen on Chrome?

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