Dark or black videos in YouTube

I have looked through the community posts and have not seen this particular problem. When playing YT videos in Brave, they will be very choppy and go dark and sometimes completely black, when I move the mouse pointer. Mainly if the pointer is over the video that is playing. This is not duplicated in Chrome or Edge.
I have the latest driver for my nVidia 1660 Ti card; vsync is off. I am running Windows 11 with all current updates. The settings on the browsers are the same; I have tried hardware accel. on and off, makes no difference.

I have tried to upload a screen shot.
Thanks for any help!

Thank you for reaching out.
Do you see this behavior in all video content in Brave or is it specifically Youtube? For example if you stream something on Netflix, does it appear this way as well?

Appears to be just watching a YouTube video on YouTube. I just went over to another site, watched a YT video on that site and it didn’t happen.

Very strange. Can you please try creating a temp. new browser profile (make sure you close your original browser window after making it, such that you only have the new profile window open) and visiting youtube.com and test to see if videos in the new profile appear the same way?

Thank you

Seems to work fine. Do I need to compare the two profiles settings and look for any differences?

Possibly. Can you try simply clearing cache/data for Youtube.com (on your main profile) and then test again to see if it works?

  1. Visit youtube.com
  2. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar
  3. Click Site settings
  4. Click Clear data

Allow the site to refresh (or refresh manually) and then test again.

I reset all settings to Brave default in my default profile. All seems to be working fine now. I did forget to tell you that the only extension I have active is Dashlane Password Manager. Shields were also active. I will continue on and slowly add some things back the way they were, seeing if I can figure out what happened. Thank you so much, Mattches, for you advice and guidance. I will keep you informed if I find anything.

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Looks like the nuclear option did the trick — was hoping we wouldn’t have to go that route but at least the issue is resolved.

Will keep this thread open for now in case the issue resurfaces.

Thank you

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