YouTube stopping supporting Brave browser?

In the past few days a warning message has been appearing in YouTube: “We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. For the best experience, please [update your browser]”. Can you please explain?
Will we no longer be able to watch YouTube in the Brave browser?

Curious. I haven’t seen that message yet.

Same here, no problems

At the meantime they cannot stop supporting Brave, as it is an added value for them to get more traffic, engagements and their publisher get rewards. If one day they decided to copy brave and do similar with Chrome or if they add reward integration to you tube platform it become another story.

On desktop or mobile? And which OS and Brave version @Joasia?


This will get fixed in next release, sorry.
We’ve had some problems with youtube detection of our iPads user agent.

Workaround is to disable desktop mode on iPads
Go to settings -> turn off Always request desktop mode
Now it should be working


Hi @eljuno

Thank you for responding. I have an iPad (5th Generation), IOS 13.3.1, Brave version 1.14.3. I recently updated to both these IOS and Brave versions and the warning is still showing: long yellow header just above the videos. It’s advising to update via a link to other browsers, namely: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox. I wonder, are others also seeing this?

Thank you.

Thank you, Michal. Though I can’t find turn off in my settings - whereabouts is it? It’s not harming so I will wait for your next release. Thank you for providing such an awesome browser and your support.

It should be right at the top, this setting is only visible on iOS 13 though

the Always request dekstop site is the option you want to turn off

Thank you, Michal. I was looking in the iPad settings :grimacing:… Just switched that option off. Thank you, again.