Unable to play ANY YouTube videos!

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I have this exact same issue:

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iPadOS 13.3
iPad Mini 2019
Latest version of Brave

Additional Information:

Everything is as described in this issue:

Except that I have an iPad Mini with iPadOS 13.3.

Here is the message I receive:

Hey there! Thanks for writing in.

What happens when you click “allow” on this prompt?

This message pops up:


TWhen pressing OK, I go back to a blurry version of still-picture of whatever video I tried to play.

And then I can click on the video, get the first message again.

Then the message I just posted.

I can go through this process again and again, but still no video plays.

Do you need any other information?

If I click “Request Mobile Site” YouTube works again…

I wonder why the “Desktop Site” breaks YouTube?

Whenever I open a new window with YouTue, I have to Request Mobile Site for it to work.

I have not had to do this before.

Can you try clearing your cookies and cache? It’s in app setttings -> Clear private data

This is some kind of youtube bug. We reported it to them.

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It does not seem as if it makes any difference.

The only thing that makes a difference is when I “Request Mobile Site”.

This also happens on Firefox for iOS when choosing the desktop site

I just tested Firefox for IOS v20 and I did not experience this.

What version did you test it on?

Just tested on my end and I can’t seem to reproduce the issue you’re describing. Works in both desktop and mobile displays.

It seems as though the browser/site is asking whether or not it can open the video in the YouTube app (with the address listed) but when you elect to open it on the website, it inserts the wrong address (as I believe it’s a specific URL intended for the YT app). Does this only happen for YouTube or do other sites that stream video also have the same behavior?

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i’m on the lastest version in the app store: 20.2 (16690)

go to m.youtube.com choose a video then before playing it go to the top right and press the three dots near the address bar and choose ‘Request Desktop Site’ and you should get this

i’ve tried Metacafe / Dailymotion / Bitchute in desktop mode and they all work great [sorry to butt in]

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I just tested MetaCafe and LiveLeak.

No problem in neither modes, Desktop or Mobile.

YouTube still does not work, unless Mobile selected, no matter what video I try.

Brave - Version 1.14.1 (

@CRoig42 @UltraViolet,
I’m still unable to reproduce. When testing:

  1. If I visit youtube.com, the app automatically displays in desktop mode. Streaming video works without issue.
  2. If I visit m.youtube.com, the site attempts and notifies me that it’s redirected me to the desktop site. There’s a banner option that says Continue with m.youtube.com which, when selected, will instead open the YouTube app on my iPad and play the video.
  3. Further, when I choose Request mobile site, regardless of what occurs, the site still renders the same (desktop view), when I go back to the option to request desktop/mobile site, it now shows Request desktop site – as if it is showing me the mobile site.

I think this may have more to do with how Youtube determines how to render their site/content by device. Can either or both of you confirm whether or not, when you view the site in Mobile view, does it actually display in mobile view? Or does it look the same as it does when in Desktop?

I think you are onto something, when you say that YouTube decides how to render on specific devices.

I’m using an iPad Mini (2019).

I wonder if YouTube detects my screen size and decides (for me) what is best for me…

I have to Force YouTube into Desktop Mode, by using this, in the YouTube site settings:

But I’m not experiencing this issue in other Browsers, but I do have to YouTube into actual Desktop Mode, as shown above…

And one more thing, this a new thing, I did not have this problem before, I think it started more or less when I upgraded to iPadOS 13.3.

Strangely I’m not able to view the desktop version of YouTube in Brave: when I type in www.youtube.com it automatically changes to the mobile site (m.youtube.com) regardless if the browser has the ‘always request desktop site’ enabled or not

Are you running iPadOS 13.3 ?


You, UltraViolet?

@Mattches Anything else you would like to have tested, in order to fix this?

Any other info you need?