Feedback on Brave for iOS

Hello, this is feedback for the Brave browser on iPhone iOS. This is specifically regarding the YouTube website.

When I watch a YouTube video on “desktop mode” and when the video starts to play, it always forces the video to play in fullscreen automatically (even while in portrait mode, it will play the video in full screen but in portrait mode). It will automatically play in full screen, regardless if I pressed the full screen button (it will do it automatically whenever the video starts playing) This doesn’t happen on the mobile version of the YouTube website for some reason. I would like the developers to make the video stop playing in full screen automatically (while on desktop mode) unless the user manually sets it to full screen.

The reason why I want to watch YouTube in desktop mode instead of mobile is because the desktop mode of YouTube allows the user to “loop” the video (have it play it continuously on repeat). You can long press the video (or right click on a PC) and a menu will pop up, and it will give you an option to loop the video. The mobile version of the YouTube website does not allow looping of the videos. I often listen to relaxing music on YouTube and I want the video to repeat, but the auto full screen problem really gets in the way and makes it difficult.

Another suggestion is maybe add some kind of loop button for YouTube videos through the Brave browser so the video could play on repeat? Otherwise, fixing the desktop fullscreen issue would work.

Thank you!

@jonnaharkenson ,

Using Brave Browser iOS v1.37 (, iPhone 8, Request Desktop Site . . .

At YouTube, I get the Desktop response, and play a video (with music), and the Loop switch does appear in Landscape and Portrait positioning of (holding on to) the iPhone.

Though, there was a wee bit of a struggle, getting the pop-up menu that you see (lower-right portion of the following), when I used the “Long Press”:

Yes, I am able to get the YouTube menu to show up but it is very inconvenient and annoying because it keeps on playing the video in full screen as soon as I touch the video. I could long press the video to make the YouTube video menu open, but it’s a bit tricky. So I was hoping the developers could stop making the video play in full screen every time.