Youtube Restricted Mode

I have been using brave and when I watch youtube on it, the restricted mode is turned on and even if i turn restricted mode off, it turns on after a few minutes. Please help me turn off restricted mode permanently.

Restricted Mode has nothing to do with Brave; check your YT account.
YT works well here.

Listen, I have proof that brave turns on restricted mode even though I have turned it off. You can see it with the image below.

Has anyone got a fix for this as it has just started happening to me recently and now it is on permanently to the point I can’t even see videos on channels.

I have tried clearing cookies, cache and all that jazz to no avail. I have tried using firefox and chrome and they are both fine it seems only to be brave

me too and now it doesn’t even matter if I turn off restricted mode it automatically turns it on

This looks like the YouTube URL is being redirected to ( Are the DNS servers you are using all unrestricted as opposed to restricted DNS servers such as OpenDNS Family Shield DNS?