YouTube stuck in Restricted Mode by Network Administrator (ONLY ON BRAVE)


I’ve been using Brave for a year or so now and I love this browser. I was just watching YouTube on
my phone, but I go on my computer to watch some videos when I notice I can’t comment because
restricted mode is on. So I go to my settings and it says “Restricted Mode is enabled by your
network administrator.” and I can’t turn it off! At first I thought someone turned restrictions on on
my Wifi (Xfinity) so I go to the app and it’s not on. Then I look it up and find people having the
same issue but working on another browser. So I go to Chrome and Firefox ON THE SAME
ACCOUNT AND NETWORK and Restricted mode is off. This just started happening, i’ve tried
everything but nothing works. This is only happening on Brave, and I don’t want to stop using it
just because this is happening. Any fixes? Thanks!

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