Youtube unrestricted mode insanity

I just installed brave to test it out and see if it was better than safari, as I’m a mac user.

I’m pretty happy with it, except for 1 issue which is a deal breaker for me, and makes no sense in terms of brave advocating as being the best privacy browser.
Why on earth is youtube restricted mode default to on, and can only be turned off, if you change secure dns settings to google itself?

I run my own Ad Guard home dns server which does have DoH enabled, and if I use my own server, youtube is in restricted mode.
If I change it to cloudflare, youtube is in restricted mode.
The only way I can disable restricted mode in youtube is to us google.
This seems rather insane.
For a browser to claim it’s the most privacy oriented browser, you are forcing me to use GOOGLE of all companies, to disable restricted mode in youtube.
This is a deal breaker for me, unless someone can point me to something I’m missing here.

Are you sure there isnt anything else at fault? I am on windows though. But my youtube is unrestricted on cloudflare DNS.
And it was never on restricted mode. It is not on by default.

Mine would not unless it’s on google.
The problem is, I have several internal services that I access via dns. All those settings in my adguard home server configured to use unbound(recurse dns, unbound talks to the authorative dns server and resolves the ip)
This way, I have nice secure dns settings, and I have all my services setup in there, so I can resolve all my local services by dns. Using cloudflare or google, etc would break my setup, and I would not be able to access the web interfaces for anything, as it wouldn’t be able to resolve anything internally.

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