YouTube problem back again. Url okay, but unrelated video loads

I’m thinking of stopping to use Brave due to this recurring problem. I go to a YouTube link or sometimes just click on a video on the site and get an ad or PSA totally unrelated. ( And I actually have an ad blocker installed!) The text below the video indicates it’s what I asked for, but it’s not. I take the same URL address and paste it into another browser and have no problems. I get the right video. Seemed to resolve for a while, but it is back. Tried Malware scanners, emptying cache, restarting browser etc. Nothing works.

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What type of Advert? screenshot? Clearing the cookies/cache, relogin should fix it.

Hi Ryan:

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. A couple of times it seems to have auto-corrected on its own, but not sure how that happens and then it reverts. I can paste the same URL into another browser and the video will play properly. The ads vary- not always the same and sometimes there are PSAs also. Go figure!

I would test in a new profile, no extensions. Keep shields up. (don’t change them). I know youtube will set Ad cookies if you allow ads/cookies on the site.


From what I gather it’s not possible to have 2 separate profiles on the same computer and to name them differently ( at least I saw a lot of people complaining about this on-line). If it is possible, how would I go about it and how would I select between them when browsing? I don’t really want to delete or deactivate all the extensions that I use ( and make a note of all the names) and have to re-install them at some later date. This also does not explain why all of a sudden ( I have been using Brave for over a year as my main browser) I am having this problem when I previously had no problem with YouTube . Also, the fact that this is the only browser I have that has the problem ( I have about 4 different ones I use for various things on the computer) with YouTube. Any info appreciated

You don’t need to permanently do anything, everything is only temporary. Disabling extensions/browser profiles, just gives you an idea where the problem is.

Hi Ryan:

Disabling extensions didn’t work, so I deleted Brave, including cache etc, reinstalled and added a YouTube Ad Blocker extension as the first extension added. I did have one of those before, but it was obviously not working as I only got ads on YouTube and this behavior persisted even after I had disabled it.! Doing the reinstall etc seemed to work, (if it’s still ok tomorrow that will be confirmation) I did forget to save the passwords etc from the previous installation , so had to go to my password program to add some back in, but that, so far, is not a big deal. Thanks for all your efforts. Still don’t know exactly what caused the problem, but, if everything continues okay I won’t worry about it.

We block youtube ads by default in shields, I would say an easy win here is to remove this extension.

Hi Ryan:

Think Brave may no longer be my default. Now it won’t let me view PDF attachments in my email. I have to download them. I tried adding PDF readers to the browser, deactivating shields etc. Nothing works. Of course there is no problem in Firefox, Chrome or Edge. Thought this was my email client’s fault, but after trying the same thing with different browsers I now know it’s Brave again. Oh, Well. If you know of any quick fixes , let me know. Otherwise I won’t use Brave as default. Too many problems. Thanks for your past help

brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments may help in some instances, But the site will dictate whether a pdf is shown as a inline form or needs to be downloaded.

Sample site of where a pdf isn’t acting normally, post here.

Hi Ryan:

Went to that setting you sent. The only setting option is to download instead of viewing in Brave and that option is turned off. Even tried turning the option on, reopening, turning it off again. . Didn’t work. The thing is this ONLY happens with the Brave browser, not Firefox, Chrome or Edge and there was no problem before a few weeks ago. I had been viewing PDFs with no problem for over a year. This coupled with the previous YouTube problem ( which I also had no previous problems with) leads me to believe something has changed in Brave. Something it no longer supports? A change in how certain files are handled? It’s a mystery. If these things happened in all browsers I would suggest something wrong locally, but it’s not the case. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi Ryan:


Attached screen shot. The attachment box dropdown (not shown in screen shot) gives an option to view or download or save to cloud. When I hit ‘view’ that circular object in the screen shot just keeps spinning and nothing opens Does that open in Brave? (middle click too new tab)

Hi Ryan:

I’m talking about pdfs that show as attachments. When you click on them in my email program you get a drop down box, the first choice of which is ‘view’. No problem if the pdf is inline and/or has a link to click on.Then it will go ahead and open a new window. But most people I deal with send pdfs as attachments The thing that confounds me is that viewing the PDF attachment works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and even Opera, but not in Brave. I am using the same pdf attachment in all instances, so it has nothing to do with the source. Thanks

Which service is showing them? (how can I reproduce it)

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