YouTube options not loading on Brave Browser Version 1.19 ( for IPad 6th Generation (A1954)

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Description of the issue: When attempting to access the notifications tab or the profile settings (to change settings like dark theme, language and location) the tabs are stuck in a loading animation and never load.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Access YouTube on Brave Browser 1.19 on an IPad 6th Generation
  2. Click on the top right circular icon to access settings.
  3. Wait as the tab will never fully load.

Expected result: The tab to fully load so I may enable dark mode and access language and location settings as well as view notifications.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.19 (

Mobile Device details IPad 6th Gen (A1954) iOS 13.6

Additional Information: Here’s a picture of the issue.

does turning on/off the shield help?

Just tried, but sadly the issue persists even with shield off.

try to disable all exention and see if it work
also try to clear cache if you can

hope this help and have a nice day

Unfortunately didn’t resolve the issue, but I really appreciate your help! You as well!

you welcome let me ask @Mattches for help he is brave team memeber

but notice it’s weekend so maybe you get your response tomorrow or something

hope your issue fixed soon and have a nice day both of you

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