YouTube web UI broken

I already reported the site. It seems like browser issue cause I can’t redo the bugs on chrome. When I try to click my profile picture for drop down menu (that contains your channel, settings, youtube studio etc.) It just won’t popup. But then another UI problem is I can’t scroll down and navigate through YouTube (such as unclickable 3 dots on every video I wanted to save on playlist.

Brave is broken on YouTube. I think the bug occurs when I extensively use this browser with lots of tabs (productive work).

I already did the following and no luck:
-delete browser cache (darn I have to log in all account again)
-restart the browser

Hell nah I won’t reinstall the browser because it will reset the rewards.
Also, I already contacted teamyoutube, they said it’s the browser issue, not server side.

Please fix this issue, devs. I have used this browser for almost a year with no problem except today.

Hola, al parecer el problema de que no despleguen la configuración, notificaciones, etc en youtube es por los escudos, esta bug al parecer, te recomiendo que los apages y verás como se te despliegas todo con normalidad, espero que lo arreglen por qué esto es gracias a la actualización de ayer. Un Saludo y ojalá te sirva de ayuda :wink:

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This issue is already known and being addressed – you can find the issue on our Github here:

You can add additional details or feedback on the issue here: