Youtube video not playing

I have the latest Brave version 1.8.90 imac desktop and suddenly the youtube videos won’t play on that site. All of the video look frozen when I click on the thumbnail and not playing. I tried with both shields on and off - same result. I’m a technologically challenged senior and really appreciate some help with this.

Hey there! Thanks for posting.

Type brave://settings/system into Brave’s address bar and press enter. You should see a “Use hardware acceleration when available” setting. Make sure this is set to OFF, and try again.

Hi Asad,

Thanks for your help - and unfortunately I tried that and the problem is still there. I also made sure the flash drive was on but still nothing…

Hi again Asad,

I just noticed something and am wondering if this is somehow related to the problem. Using Brave (everything is normal on other browsers) the url looks different than on Safari for example. Brave youtube url: with an m. in front of youtube. I’m not seeing that on Safari or Fox.

Hi again a second time…I figured it out! M. means mobile (as you know :P) so I cleared the cookies for the last 24 hours since this just started today and it looks like I’m back to normal. Thanks again for your time Asad.

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