Many issues with brave (dark mode, brave stops working-ish)

1: the issue is dark mode, usually in wikies or in websites with their own dark/light mode

in fandom wikies or nearly any wiki that has images, those images will look in inverted colors or something else, usually being pure white or so white its barely noticeable that something else is that (not all images for some reason) but this doesnt happen on chrome or microsoft edge

side note, youtube works completely fine with no issues at all with either things

in websites with their own dark/light mode it usually blends together having either a very bright dark mode when using light mode or a very bright less dark mode that looks even worse and just hurts my eyes

2: after some time using brave it will stop loading websites and i have to open and close it which is just a hassle, this isnt my computer since i have 2 and its happening on both of them (windows 10 and 11)

suddenly when trying to load a website or open a new one ill just find that brave decides otherwise and infinitely loads until i close and open it again, and then i have to retype whatever i was searching or re-enter the website i was loading if i wasnt already in one

if i cant find how to fix these issues ill have to switch since this has become really annoying

The problem about Brave not loading pages and having to restart was resolved who knows when, I haven’t got it in like two weeks.
So maybe it was a problem with Chromium, or some feature that was causing conflicts with Chromium and got resolved because something else got fixed or changed, I used to get it twice a day sometimes, but I have been 3days without restarting my browser and everything runs perfect now.
So if you are not using Nightly, you will have to wait for whenever the fix lands, might be a Brave major version or Chromium 115 or something.

About dark mode, it can already be done, and it is better and easier in Desktop, so no reason to wait for Brave to implement it.

what can i do to fix the dark mode issue?

dude, read the posts I linked where I talk about it, they are about ‘mobile’ but it is the exact same case with Desktop. Desktop has Devtools and it makes it easy to do it per page or per element.
Expand it and read it, it is not there because I like to link my stuff.

yes this so true and sometime it become really annoying due to the repeated stop occured during it’s use.

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