I can’t log in YouTube

I bought iPad (7th generation) recently and installed Brave today (3rd August) to enjoy YouTube without ads. I’ve been using brave for my iPhone , and work well. However when I try to use it with my iPad, the browser doesn’t let me login to my YouTube account on the site. I need to log in to access to my library.
It says “contents blocker block it. “ And when I click “Try again “, nothing happens.
Does anybody have the same problem?
How can I fix this?
It would be great if you help me.
Sorry about my writing, I’m English learner.

make sure your shield settings is as follow
tracker standard
cookies crosssite cookies blocked if this did not work make it allow all most probably it related to this settings
fingerprint standard

hope that help and have a nice day

Try logging in with Brave shields disabled (the lion symbol is grey and not orange/red).

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