YouTube is showing ads (on default shield settings)

YouTube is still showing ads

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The screenshot you showed isn’t in Brave. I’m saying that because you’ll notice there’s no search bar and definitely not the symbols to show Brave Shields and all active toward the top. The three dots on the top right should be able to be clicked on and then you’ll see the words “Open in Brave.”

@Saoiray is correct here, can you please confirm whether or not you are using Brave when you see this? Note that having Brave installed will not block ads in other browsers or applications including the YouTube application itself (which I imagine is what is shown in your screenshot here).

Text ads are unable to be blocked on IOS currently. Related:

Hi, and sorry for the late reply, I am using the Brave browser, but the Navigation bar disappears when swiping a bit down.

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That is the intended behavior — simply start scrolling back up a little when this happens and the address bar will reappear.

That’s not the issue, the ads are.
With my last post I just wanted to clarify than I am using brave and not the native YouTube app.

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