Ads are showing in Brave iOS (again)

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Description of the issue:
Suggested ads are showing in YouTube.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I wouldn’t really say that there was a way to reproduce the issue, but these are the shield settings that I use:
Cross-Site tracker blocker: On
Upgrade to HTTPS: On
Phishing blocker: On
Scripts blocker: off
Fingerprinting blocker: off

Expected result:
These kinds of ads (or any kind, for that matter) shouldn’t show up.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.35.1 (
Mobile Device details

Device iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 15.3.1)

Additional Information:
I reset my shield settings. It was still showing the same result.

Turn the ad-blocker to aggressive (if iOS has the option). It will then block first party ads too.

At present, iOS ad blocker is not on the same level as android and desktop. It is due to brave on iphone uses wekbit rendering engine. Apple forces every browser to use webkit engine, whereas on different OS it is left to developer. Due to using webkit as rendering engine by brave on iOS, there are some limitations since it cannot use api’s the same way it does on chromium based browsers on android and desktop.

So, if you are seeing the ads, then apple is to blame by forcing every browser to use webkit rendering engine.

That ad seems to be inserted either by a application or maybe a vpn. Clear the cookies/cache in Brave ios, and force close Brave. If connected to VPN, try without it.

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