Youtube Home page stuck loading and not responsive

Something wrong on home page on YouTube, I transition my browser from Firefox to brave but something wrong on YouTube home page stuck loading and not responsive

date transition Nov. 27, 2021

I have a video link on what is happening on the browser

Hey @medgard789

Interesting video, haven’t experienced that before.

Can you try clearing cookies/site data on brave://settings/clearBrowserData then re-login into youtube. Failing that try in private window mode within Brave. If you have access to a VPN, try VPN’ing from a different location.

I already done it before I recorded the video, still not responsive, I already reset the brave browser, and I don’t use VPN.

its working fine now I reinstall the brave browser!!

someting wrong again after I restart/off pc when I back gain and open its back youtube home screen to black. omg, reset gain

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