Youtube - Full Screen suddenly not working properly anymore (samsung galaxy s10)

So I was watching a video on YouTube through Brave as I usually do on my mobile to avoid the obnoxious ads on the YouTube app, but suddenly the videos I watch in full-screen mode now feature an extremely annoying white border where my device’s camera is located (it is integrated within the display).

I have no idea how this happened or how to reproduce this effect, since I tried re-installing the app on my cellphone in hopes that it would revert to its original state but sadly it will still feature the white bar. I have also tried to go in my device settings to set the app manually to a full-screen display instead of automatic, but that does not work.

This was never an issue before, or if the video didn’t use this part of the screen at least it would stay black like the rest of the screen. I actually created my account earlier today simply to provide feedback and then this happens, so I figured I should reach out on the community forums to see if anyone can help… being a fan of the dark mode everywhere, this is extremely disturbing and mildly infuriating.

(Brave Version 1.6.2)

My mobile device is a regular Samsung Galaxy S10.
(not S10e or S10+)

I took screenshots of my device which show the issue:

plz help :frowning:


Same issue here, Samsung galaxy s10


Well at least this gives me hope that it’s something going on between the program’s identification of the screen specs or something and not a problem on our end… I checked on the YouTube app & fullscreen is working fine.
Thanks for your input!

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If you are seeing a zoomed in video on full screen then its a known issue. This is acutally an issue with Chromium. We would require a fix from upstream for this. More discussion here Youtube Mobile Fullscreen Bug

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Thank you Sriram, but this is not the same issue, the video is not zoomed at all and there is no cut at the bottom of the video;
There is simply a new white border that appeared from nowhere for the exact width of the camera, and the border always stays on the same side even after switching sides when watching sideways. It also shows up when the video is in portrait mode as shown in the pictures above.
However I did some more searching and sadly the same occurs when using the Chrome browser so it may in fact be related to an issue with chromium. If that is the case, any way we can bring this issue to their attention?

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Ok I see it now. Sorry I didn’t catch it the first time. I see the same behaviour on Chrome as well so i guess its an issue with the site video player. As there is nothing changed at the browser level with the recent release


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