YouTube full screen issue

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when ever i open YouTube, it only shows a corner of fullscreen. im fed up with this issue. can’t play YouTube in full screen. once it may get black screen in full screen or go to bottom corner of the screen.

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Desktop site enabled no issue, disabled no issue, private tab no issue.
Android 7,9 Brave latest version.
Check yourself in Beta or Nightly versions and see if still an issue for you.

i tried both beta and nightly. still im not able to use YouTube in full screen. i dont know why… :pleading_face:

i will tag @SaltyBanana or even @SmartyAadi , as they always gave me hints on how to solve my problems.
Note that it may take some time before someone actual respond.
Next, you can include OS, and version.

Yea. We need info like what OS this is. Device make & model. Does turning shields off work? @vishnundvlrkk

Same issue here. It occurs randomly.
It also makes androids bottom navigation bar buttons disappear. They only reappear if screen context changes.

No, turning of shield doesn’t fix.

Oneplus 5.
LineageOS 20-20230410-cheeseburger

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im using realme’s 9pro 5g model, color os- Realme ui4.0. and also turning off shield isn’t working

can you please take a look at my complaint

@Jarc-1107 @Kevin_cc please help. Thank you.

@Jarc-1107 @Kevin_cc why no one takes a look at my complaint? is this how a community works, i tried to contact the supporting team through twitter and Gmail. but yet no response from any one

Be patient. The working day has just started in the US. The team only works weekdays.

no response from anyone, “thank you for the support” :woozy_face:. Firefox community is far better in support and updates.

@mattches could you help?

This is actually a known issue that we have logged here:

I’ve gone ahead and added this report and @katay’s to the Github thread along with their video recording for the developers to review. I’ve also pinged a few of our devs internally to hopefully get some more eyes on this asap.

Appreciate your patience on this.

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any update on this issue

Thank you for pinging me. Let me see if I can get an update about this from Android team.

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