YouTube Full Screen Occasionally Breaking (android)

Description of the issue: Occasionally, when browsing YouTube in Brave and tapping the full screen button while holding the phone in portrait, the display will move to landscape but the video will play in portrait - cut off in the bottom left corner.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Hold your phone in the portrait position while on a YouTube video
  2. Tap anywhere on the video to bring up the UI
  3. Tap the full screen button at the bottom right of the screen

Expected result: Seamless transition from portrait to landscape with the video stretched to fit the display.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave 1.45.127, Chromium 107.0.5304.110

Mobile Device details Google Pixel 7 Pro on android 13, Build TD1A.221105.001

Additional Information: This issue happens regardless of auto rotate being enabled or not in android. I can reproduce this bug at a rate of about 10-20% of the time. Here is a link to a video of the issue →

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Hello there @Hxnd please accept my apologies for this issue. Could you please try deleting your cookies from the app to see if the issue is solved?

  1. In Brave, open the main menu, then Settings --> Privacy. Note: You can also select Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data
  2. Select Clear browsing data

Let me know if that works.

Hi there. I cleared everything in the advanced tab (excluding passwords) for all time but the issue persists.

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Hi again @Hxnd, on that case, please try disabling your shields while changing to full screen to see if this is the cause of the issue?

Please let me know if that works.

Thank you kindly for your replies. I have disabled the Brave Shield and I can still reproduce this issue although anecdotally it may appear less frequently than with Brave Shield up.

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@Hxnd thanks for that information. Are you using the release version of Brave on your device? If you are try installing Brave Beta or Brave Nightly from the PlayStore to see if the issue persist.

Be waiting for your response.

Using release. Installed Beta and the issue is present there too.

Same issue happens on my Samsung Galaxy S9 using android 10 too.