YouTube frame drops with AMD FreeSync

I had the same issue a long time ago, but I was able to fix it by forcing Brave to only use iGPU using Game Settings of Windows. However, this issue have been happening even after setting it like that.

The only solution to this is disabling AMD FreeSync for Brave, but it requires us to have AMD Adrenaline software as well, which I am not fond of, due to several reasons. So, I only keep the drivers only version, which works great with everything else.

I am not facing any frame drops in Vivaldi, Edge, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. So, I wonder why I am experiencing the issue here.

So, can you guys do something about this?

I can reproduce it every time if I watch any 1440p or 2160p video, especially if they are in 60 FPS.

Here’s Brave browser:

Here’s Vivaldi:

Here are a few things I have tried-

  • I tried Brave Nightly and Beta, without extensions. (so, basically tried fresh installation)
  • Disabled Hardware Acceleration and checked.
  • Tried putting Brave in Power Savings and Performance mode in Settings > System > Display > Graphics. (this used to work earlier)
  • Disabled anti-virus and tested, just in case.
  • Tried it without Shield as well.
  • No frame drops in 60 Hz settings. It is happening only in 144 Hz. And I have only these two options.
  • Did a clean installation of latest drivers for my CPU (iGPU) and GPU by using DDU tool. Also tried AMD Utility for it.

I also found a similar post here which did not receive any attention.

It is a Ryzen 7 5800H laptop with RX6600M dGPU. Running Windows 11 Home 23H2 (build 22631.3593).


So, I was searching for a solution and came across a reply by Saoiray in some post saying that renaming brave.exe to chrome.exe can also fix many problems with AMD drivers.

And that turns out to be the solution for me.

Working fine after the rename:

Sorry for the tag @Mattches but can you please look into this? The last time I faced this issue, Vivaldi was also experiencing this. However, it seems they have got it fixed, maybe by contacting AMD team.

Another temporary solution I found is to use OpenGL in ANGLE flag.

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@Saoiray Sorry to tag you as well, but would it be possible for you to refer this to a dev who can do something about it? I did a mistake while tagging Mattches too. :joy:

I have tried contacting AMD but they are blaming Brave browser devs for it and asking me to get it resolved from them, even though I mentioned everything to them. ;-;

I think I made a post about this too, it’s baffling that this issue has existed for so long and reported so many times and yet it remains unfixed. Guys please fix this issue, I can’t move away from Brave and this is getting more and more annoying every day.

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I have raised this issue on Brave’s Github. I think Brave devs are the only ones who can contact AMD to get this resolved. I tried asking AMD support team but they just don’t want to understand anything. They are not even reading anything and just telling me to contact Brave.

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@Mattches Can you please take a look into this issue? I am even facing frame drops in some 1080p@60 FPS videos on Brave. I have tried many browsers and not having such a issue in any of them. Seems to be Brave-exclusive bug. ;-;

It is dropping frames even at 720p@60FPS now. o.O

Hey, I noticed your GitHub was deleted, any update on this issue?

Not really. I just decided to leave Brave and I don’t think this is something either Brave team or AMD guys care about. It was reported by many people since a while and all we have are some workarounds, instead of actual fix.

I went ahead and re-opened the issue so our devs can take a look at it. @RedFlame sorry to see you go but I hope you understand that our team has a lot of work to do and a ton of users to respond to. A lack of an immediate response — or what you seem to want, an immediate fix — is not indicative of whether or not we care.

I’ve pinged a few devs on my end and hopefully we can get some eyes on this soon.

Thank you.

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@Mattches An immediate response or fix was not my expectation.

You should search about this issue once in this forum as well as in Reddit. You will find plenty of reports like the same. The oldest I saw was reported in 2021.

The only thing most of them got was workarounds.

I get it, devs are busy people. There are many important things to focus on, so obviously, you guys might not have time to deal with a problem like this.

However, nobody seems to care about it is all I see from all those posts. Your mod (or I should say community ninja?) was the only person who tried to help those people a bit with workarounds, and then there was nothing.

Workarounds are not fixes. They are not solution to a problem.

Anyway, it is more about contacting AMD to add Brave browser to their known browser list, so I don’t think anyone who is in development team have to bother about it. Maybe you can reach out to them too? I am not sure how difficult it is, but if Vivaldi guys can manage to do it, you guys might be able to do it as well.

You know, it seems that AMD is just disabling AMD FreeSync for known browsers. So, even if you rename brave.exe to vivaldi.exe or msedge.exe, you won’t face frame drops in YouTube after that.

Good bye then!

Bro @Mattches I’m begging you guys please tell the devs to fix this issue. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave brave and settle for Edge soon lol

I have done exactly that — unfortunately I cannot make the devs fix it or do anything else for that matter. There is an open issue on Github for them to review, I’ve tagged some team members internally and in the issue.

To bring further attention to the issue, I would recommend you leave your own comment on the Github issue (shared above) with the details of the issue as they occur on your end and advise anyone else you know of encountering the issue to do the same.