Brave browser video playback frame dropping on 2k 165hz screen

Description of the issue:

When trying to playback a YT video in 2K on a 165hz monitor I am experiencing noticeable/constant frame dropping. Frame dropping is only present when the window is in focus, after I move my mouse to the second screen (1080p, 60hz) and click (put another window/desktop in focus) frame dropping immediately stops.

I am using Brave version 1.38.117 Chromium 101.0.4951.67.

I tried disabling hardware acceleration, and fiddling with different flag options with no luck, also I suspected the refresh rate difference between two screens I have (165hz and 60hz) but even lowering my main display refresh rate down to 60hz did not help!

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open
  2. Set the resolution to 1440p
  3. Put the video in full screen mode and try shifting focus on and off the brave browser/monitor

Expected result:

When in focus the frame loss/dropping is going to be significant and you will be able to notice lag (trails behind the DVD logo) during playback.

Additional Information:

The issue does not appear on my second screen when or when not it is in focus (1080p 60hz panel).

The issue on Chrome (101.0.4951.67) is non existent.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Disabling Hardware acceleration will cause more stutters on youtube videos. Should only be used for lower end hardware or integrated gpu’s. Would update the GPU drivers as a start. Which GPU are you using?



I’m currently using RX5600XT and my drivers are up to date (sorry I completely forgot to mention what GPU I am using and my driver state in the main post).

Thanks for your response!

Looking at benchmarks the 5600XT it’s good 1080p card, but 1440p (esp high fps) might be pushing it more. How does it performance with 1080p playback (forcing just 1080p on one and/or both screens)?

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Hey again,

I forgot to mention that the same behavior is noticeable even on lower resolutions (I just tested the video at 1080p again, just in case).

What I did mention is that the said behavior is non existent on Chrome (101.0.4951.67).

RX5600XT should be more then capable for 2K video playback, Youtube as far as I know is locked to 60FPS.

No changes between Chrome and Brave regarding GPU acceleration/video playback. The only notable difference would be block of youtube ads.

Test on one screen only, disable video playback on the 2nd. Does it perform okay in 1080p? Then go from there as your baseline. Increase the primary screen to 1440p, monitoring performance. I’m assuming Hardware Accelletion is enabled.

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The same frame dropping issue happens regardless of the set resolution or number of simultaneous video playbacks on my primary 2K 165hz panel (Hardware Acceleration is enabled).

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