Brave Browser dropping frames in YouTube


I recently noticed kind of sluggishness in a video, so I taken a look at Stats for Nerds and turned out, it was constantly dropping frames. I tried some more videos and the experience was the same. It is not significant all the time to ruin my experience, but it is happening constantly.

It is mainly happening in 1080p@60 videos or higher.

In 4K@60, it is constantly dropping frames whether HW acceleration is enabled or not.
In 1080p/1440p@60, it is constantly dropping frames with HW acceleration enabled. With HW acc. disabled, it mainly drops frames when the video is not in fullscreen mode.

Edge and Firefox are having zero frame drops in any resolution.

All of these browsers are only using my iGPU and the resource usage are really low on Brave-

  • 15-17% on 1080p-4K@60 with Brave browser.

  • 30-35% on 1080p@60 and 40% on 4K@60 with Edge.

  • 45-50% on 1080p@60 and 60% on 4K@60 with Firefox.

Things I have tried-

  1. Tried disabling HW acceleration.
  2. Tried disabling extentions.
  3. Tried disabling Shield.
  4. Tried Incognito mode.
  5. Drivers are up-to-date.
  6. Tried disabling Vulkan.
  7. Tried Nightly and Beta versions. Same issue.

:arrow_right: I have not tested only one thing which I found in Reddit. It said to disable FreeSync for Brave browser in AMD Adrenaline software, but since I don’t like to install that, I didn’t test it. So, is that issue still there for AMD users?

I remember checking Stats for Nerds a few weeks ago in Brave and there was no frame drops at that time.


Ryzen 7 5800H with RX6600M (though the browsers are only using iGPU).

So, now it is using dGPU but still frames are dropping when in fullscreen. No frame drops when it’s not in full-screen mode.

Tried Vivaldi and Opera and they don’t seems to be having any issue with frame drops in Youtube. Also, they were also only using iGPU and their usage was similar to Edge browser.

Turns out… It is indeed AMD software issue. Disabling FreeSync fixes the issue.

I also found that there were times when I would get random screen flickerings. It happens mainly in Telegram Web (both WebK and WebZ versions). It seems to have been fixed as well after disabling FreeSync for Brave browser.

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