Youtube don't work (the video just start for less than 1 second)


I’m completely new with Brave. I decided to try it to have youtube without advertises. Maybe I’m going to use it more if it provide me better experience than Firefox (my actual default browser).

My problem:
I can’t use youtube. :cry:
I’m going to a video page on youtube and I click to read the video.
The video start and stop after less one second.
I can repeat the process and click on start several time and the video will go forward 0.1 second by 0.1 second.
I don’t know why nor what to do. :sob:
I have this problem since the beginning and never known a “normal” situation.

My infos:

  • I’m on Macbook M1, MacOS ventura 13.4
  • I use Brave 1.60.110
  • The “Boucliers ACTIFS pour” is active
  • I didn’t “touch” anything (as far I remember) and I’m far to understand everything since I’m a beginner.
  • I’m French and I do What I can in English
  • If you need more information, please ask.

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