Youtube slows down Brave take five seconds

It’s take 5 seconds to open a video how can i fix that?

Which platform is this? Guessing ipad?

Try clearing the cookies/cache, then force closing Brave & restart.

is mac (brave version 1.60.118)
and clearing the cookies
Still same issues

i have read about this for firefox, didn’t know they started doing for brave too.

i clear all the browser cookies now everything is fine i hope youtube don’t fu cked up it again

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nha 5 second coming back every one or two days
i have to clean my cookies every few days to solve this problem

Fine so far, test in private window mode.

this help me:, resolve(1), *, 0.001), yt.config_.EXPERIMENT_FLAGS.web_enable_ab_rsp_cl, false)

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