Youtube comments on the right side again

Youtube changed its layout
the comments are on the right side again, that sucks!

There is a solution for Chrome with the UBlock extension.
Would it work for Brave 147.186 running of windows 7?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? On my end, YT comments remain located below the videos as they always have.

I’m using Brave browser 147.186 on windows 7.

Interesting — definitely something Youtube is testing out right now. I’m not sure what solution you’re referring to but if it works for Chrome w/uBlock then it should work in Brave as well.

Can you share with me the solution in which you’re referring to?

Youtube redesign, can you test Experimental list in brave://adblock, logout and re-login into Youtube.

On enabling, it got rectified, and remains rectified on turning this setting back off. If the issue comes again, should i consider keeping this setting turned on?

Its a test list, and undecided what we should do. Its should be optional rather than just force old change on users. Just keep the Experimental list enabled for the time being.

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I tried logging out and in with youtube but the comments are still on the right hand side.
What exactly do you have to do?

I dont think Logging in and out would help as i was encountering the issue while using Youtube in Private Window.

I’ll suggest that you go with the above way. It worked for me