Youtube thumbnail bug (right side) after search specific videos

After searching certain videos on youtube , every videos thumbnail goes to the right side

I tried turning off brave shield , clear history , cache , turn off hardware acceleration, uninstall some addons. Still nothing works. The last option was reinstall everything again.

I did some test on chrome. When i haven’t transfer sync my account , youtube search result still normal in middle fullscreen thumbnail like usual. As soon i sign in my google account and sync data transfer , youtube started glitching again (thumbnail to the right side after search some videos)

is there any fix on this?

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Hi @meximus welcome to Community :wave:

If I understand what you mentioned above, you noticed this issue on Chrome as well?

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Yea i just tried reinstall on chrome, its same problem again.

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Thanks for confirming @meximus

Considering this issue is persisting across Brave and Chrome. It could be an issue directly from Youtube.
I did find a couple other users who reported a similar issue on Opera.

so i have to wait for youtube to fix this? looks like only a few people got this bug so they might not address this issue anytime soon probably.

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