YouTube comments section gone (but comment notifications still work)

Sometime in the last few days, the comments section for YouTube videos stopped appearing when I bring up the videos. Four days ago (the date of my last YouTube comment), the comments were definitely showing up. Today, they’re not. I’m still seeing notifications of replies to my comments, and can see (and reply to) those particular comments through the notification dropdown, but the regular comments section below the video description is not showing up. There’s not even a progress wheel; just blank screen.

If I bring up YouTube in a private window, the comments show up fine. I can log in to my regular YouTube account in the private window, and they keep working (which will be the workaround I go with if we can’t find a full solution). Similarly, they show up fine in the other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) on my computer.

Putting shields down for YouTube does not help. I’m not willing to do a full reset to try to clear this up - that would be a bigger hassle than the workaround - although I’d be willing to try just clearing YouTube-specific cache and cookies if I knew how to do that. I have no extensions installed, and as far as I know, I had not changed any Brave settings during those few days.

I’m running Brave Version 1.19.88 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I have the same problem

Same here. Just discovered this yesterday (Feb. 1).

FWIW, comments aren’t loading using Edge browser either. Working in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

same here, happened yesterday and restarting the browser did nothing

I have the same problem.

its working for me…

Maybe try

Right click menu → Brave → Clear css rules for this site.

remove your cookies and reload the page and login.

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Was worth a try, but no go. Cleared CSS rules, then right-clicked on the lock icon, went to site settings and cleared cookies and data for the site, but after reload still no comments. Interestingly, it didn’t make me log back in, I guess since the login info is Google and that wasn’t cleared.

  1. What is your OS name and version?
  2. Do you own the video in question?
  3. Do you have a link to a specific video I can try?
  4. Are you logged in to Youtube when you do not see comments?

I’m on Windows 10 with Brave 1.19.88 and I can see and make comments on any Youtube video that has comments enabled.

I have the same OS and Brave version as you, but I cannot see the comments on ANY YouTube video when I’m logged in.

@PongGod ,
To clear cache/data for Youtube, clicking the “lock” icon while on youtube, then Site settings --> Clear data. If this doesn’t work, you may need to try clearing cache/data for all sites by going to Menu --> Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data.

Please let me know whether or not these actions work for anyone encountering this issue.

Nope. Still the same.

@PongGod ,
Can you go to Youtube, click a link to a video (where the comments don’t load), then open developer tools (Menu --> More tools --> Developer tools)and share a screenshot of what you see in the Console tab?

It seems to be related to youtube (given the reports by other users on /r/youtube)

Clearing cookies, cache was the fix. From a user on reddit: Never mind, I only cleared for an hour. I cleared all cookies and other site data & cached images and files and put the time range as "All time"

Testing in a new brave profile may also help

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I cleared cache for 7 days which is further back than when I first noticed the issue.

OK, this is REALLY strange. This morning, comments were still not showing on any videos. This evening, they’re visible for all videos again. But I have not changed any settings in Brave or in my YouTube account since trying the suggestion to clear css cache and remove cookies (which I did yesterday morning).

Yay, I’m seeing comments once again. So I went to check my browser and discovered that a new Brave version was just rolled out:

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