Youtube comment infinite loading

This happened recently… and it’s annoying! I like watching video while reviewing the comment section, but this bug caused me lots of experience troubles.
I’ve turn off every plug-in I could, but still bugged.
Also I did deleted all youtube’s cookies, nothing changes tho.
Hope there’s any solution or fix, at least a patch next version ASAP!

Oh yeah, I did turn off SHIELD just in case, but still bugged.

Other browser is normal (ex: Chrome, Edge…)

Brave version: V1.24.85

This should be fixed, just force an update of Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components/

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.939 or better should be fixed. Let me know if you any issues (or seeing youtube ads)

Yeah sorry mate, my Brave Ad Block Updater was V1.0.939
And switch to Chrome still has this trouble now, I think it’s Google’s own problem so I am gonna ask them for help.
Thanks for the help anyway! If you got other solution please reply me too.


Did you try my fix which I posted recently…

As a followup to youtube issues.

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