YouTube 'comments' are not loading in tabs in Private windows

Comments for YouTube videos are not loading in Private windows in Brave.

Since I became aware of the problem several days ago, all videos I’ve opened in Private window tabs have exhibited the same behavior. The ‘comments’ area remains blank (white space), except for a spinning progress meter that spins indefinitely.

I compared opening YouTube webpages in Safari, where I did not experience the problem. The comments loaded with the video, even in a Private window.

So as far as I can tell, the problem only occurs in Private windows in Brave. (In normal windows, the comments load without issue.)

Comments on YT have appeared for me without any issue. Are you logged into Youtube at the time you see this behavior?

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@mattches OK (I might not have been), but I’ve never seen anything about YT comments not being visible unless you’re logged in – only that you can’t add your own comments unless you are.

And I don’t recall logging in in Safari (where I did see the comments) but I’ll recheck.


You won’t get to read the comments on Youtube on Brave. Have I tried everything and there is no solution?

@BryanBTC Comments loaded for me once I was logged in to my YouTube/Google account.

Having to log in to a website just to read ‘comments’ is a very strange requirement, but YouTube/Google have been getting stranger by the day.

By November 3rd they clearly hope to have become Big Brother.

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It’s not a requirement – it likely has something to do with bad cached data in your browsing profile and logging into your account changes what data is being read (which is why it displays). That’s just a theory at this point, but regardless, if I go to Youtube right now while not logged in, I can read comments on videos. Further, I can visit YT in a Private browsing session (no cache/data at all) and view YT comments here as well.

@mattches Maybe YouTube/Google has tagged me as a user not worthy of reading comments without being logged in. :wink:

Big Tech has very strange morals imho. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that it/they frequently find ways to make doing anything in a Private TOR tab impossible. This is what I see more often than the URL or search spec I’ve entered:

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot.”

I also frequently find that Twitter won’t let me log in in a Private TOR tab without putting me through an extensive CAPTCHA sequence. After experiencing a few that never ended, I usually just bite the bullet and log in in a regular Private tab.

My conclusion is that these entities are offended by any attempt to completely circumvent their tracking, and therefore demand to know at least your IP address.

That is true (and expected) when using tor. I don’t know what to say about the YT comment issue without more information.

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